Saturday, June 14, 2008

Project 3 Final Model

Pictures of my completed PROJECT 3 model.
It will be easier to read the model if you begin at the end of this post and work upwards.
Apartment detail.
Apartment detail.
Model detail.Section 2 of model (apartment detail).
View of back lane access.
Section 1 of model (view through gallery).
Section 2 of model (view through gallery).
Section 2 of model (living space detail).
Section 2 of model (gallery detail).
Section 2 of model.
Section 1 of model (gallery detail).
Section 1 of model.
Both sections of model.
Both sections of model.
Site from back.
Site from above.
Street Facade.

Project 3 Final Drawings

Plan and Section of ground floor gallery space showing quality of light and display of artwork (sculpture) - 1:50

Interior vignettes showing sequence of gallery spaces.

Plans 1:100

Sections 1:100

Project 3 Chosen Artist

Amanda Marburg
I decided to showcase the work of Amanda Marburg in my Newtown Gallery. The way this artist produces her work was very interesting to me. Her design process has three distinctive stages and I thought that these stages could dictate the spatial sequence of my gallery.

Stage 1: Small plasticine sculptures (Ground floor)
Stage 2: Photographs of these sculptures (Level 1)
Stage 3: Paintings of these photographs (Level 2)

Project 3 Newtown Site

293 King Street
I chose this site because it had a number of features that interested me:

1. The facade of the building to the left of the site did not meet its neighbouring building facades. Instead the space in front of it had taken the role of a public meeting area. This also meant that there was an opportunity to have a side entrance for my gallery instead of a street front entrance.

2. The back of the site was very open as the buildings next to it did not occupy their entire sites. This gave the opportunity for side entry from the back lane to the site.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Completed Model

1st Space

2nd Space

3rd Space

Completed Model and Drawings

Axonometric showing volume and quality of light.

Poche Plan 1:100

Poche Sections 1:100

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Painting , Analysis, Sentence

Project 2

Chosen Painting: Edward Hopper- 'Hotel Room'
- Figure is hunched, facing away from the brightness, hiding.

Emotive and phenomenal qualities:
- confinement, isolation, cramped, exhaustion, worry.

Analysis of the density and depth of the painting.

Analysis of the geometry of the painting:
- Crisp vertical lines.
- Eye is drawn to the figure, then to the large white space behind her, followed by the dark. cluttered corner.

Narrative to inspire my sequence of rooms:
A maze-like container for a woman who plays hide and seek with the world.